Day 201, November 11, 2012 (Panama City, FL):

Boarded, again? We have our papers and safety docs.


A street in Baytowne. Baytowne Marina is a superlative stop in Sandestin, Florida.


I got my eye on you in Baytowne.


Graffiti Funky Blues Shack, one of many good eating places in Baytowne.


Sandestin cliffs.


Cormorants drying in the morning sun.


Another gulf sunset.


Blue heron in the sunset.


Just another gulf sunset.


Most fun for Joe was meeting up with a few of the 80 or so heart surgeons he and his colleagues trained during nearly 35 years of practice. At the left is Dr. Max and wife Roz (Tupelo, MS) on the docks in Grand Harbor, TN. Max is approaching retirement but still swears he is having fun.

Dr. Reed  and wife Misty (Panama City, FL) are aboard Sequel (right). We aren’t sure Reed will ever be ready to retire but he is busy and, maybe, busier than he wants to be.

Both are exemplary of the men we picked to train when they were mere boys as Joe was. We picked our trainees not so much for the manual skills that they have but for their unique abilities to think on their feet.

Max has gone on to organize a new heart surgery endeavor in a neighboring city. Reed has developed his skills in robotic surgery that did not exist when we were in Augusta, Georgia.