MV Sequel: Resources

Our best resource for this project is America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association ( After becoming members last year we attended the 3-day rendezvous at the Sheraton Waterside in Norfolk and met people who were only too happy to pass on their knowledge of various parts of the journey. Some had done the trip by various routes several times and others were on their first loop. Still others were aspiring cruisers like us. At the 2012 Spring Rendezvous we counted ourselves among those who have completed some part of their first loop. America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association is linked to other resources that provide insights into safety aboard, managing emergencies, weather issues, charts, cruising guides, rigging and engine repairs, and a host of other necessities. Jeff Davis at Landfall ( boasts an excellent selection of charts and cruising guides and other gear. The folks at Coastal Carolina Yacht Sales ( have enthusiastically supported our venture in many ways, large and small, especially with help ferreting out new boat quirks. Evan Dufendach supervised the team of expert shipwrights and craftmen during the rebuilding of Sequel at the Tiara factory in Holland, MI, ( Scott Bytwerk at Taira and Steve Goetz at Volvo continue to offer invaluable follow-up since the launch. We found our solution for an easily operated roll-on davit system at St. Croix Marine Products ( The model 820 davit holds our 11-foot Zodiac and 6-hp outboard securely. Moreover, the davit is removable when we leave the dinghy at the dock.