Day 198, November 9, 2012 (Pensacola, FL): Great stop! Pensacola has lots to offer. First up is Palafox Marina in the heart of the old town. Good for loopers, too. Dockage is 25 percent off with BoatUS and the harbor is five-star—that is *****. Fuel prices are high, though. Florida taxes marine diesel 7.5 percent over the current pump price of $3.99 per gallon.  So, top off in Alabama.

Restaurants within walking distance abound. Global Grill (reserve or go early) for supper is very memorable and close to a 10 without killing the wallet but there are many others. Joe Patti’s within walking distance is a unique provisioning experience. don’t miss it! The Naval Aviation Museum is  a must. Ladies don’t turn up your noses at the military stuff. NAM is 11 miles from the marina. We rented a car for a day and it cost less than a taxi, especially since we spent an afternoon and a morning the following day. Take a guided tour. If you get there early you may be able to get a tour of the upper deck, too. There are four Imax films screened during the day. We saw Straight Up and The Blue Angels, both superlative cinematography.

Spend a day or two wandering the town. There are history, industry, and art museums, all quite well done. If you are inclined, wander St. Michael’s Cemetery and get a feel of the history on your own.

After that your soon to be fave watering hole is the Pensacola Bay Brewery. Take it from a non-beer  drinker—there is something for every palate and the bartender will serve tastings from among many selections and then the pint of your choice. There are bitter, wheaty, hopsey, sweet, and in between. Try the whiskey porter. Cash only, please.