Day 130, September 4, 2012 (Chicago): So here we are in Chicago, America! Our senses are weaned from the city noise, pollution, befouled air, the anthill environment, and the average mood, which seems also befouled. Eight miles out of Montrose Harbor, the farthest on north along the waterfront in the Chicago Harbor System, Chicago sprawls across our horizon. It all makes us wish for western Michigan, again, but this is a necessary stop to prepare for getting into the inland rivers.

I wouldn’t recommend Montrose Harbor to anyone. There should be a big sign at the breakwater that says, “Use At Your Own Peril.” The harbor is esthetically and functionally adequate but that’s it. The folks who live there just have trouble with the Rules of Navigation – like, “I’m sailing out of this narrow channel so lower your training wheels,” or “I can’t hear your five horn blasts. You can’t hit me ’cause I’m littler,” or, how about this while dodging oncoming: Harbormaster: ”Sequel call us back on the telephone, we can’t help you.”-click! Ring-ring, “we are currently busy helping other customers. Leave us a message.” “We’re sorry the message box is full. We’d love to hear from you …”

By now my hair is sore and I’m looking at this sprawling marina with kids swimming off the docks, boats coming and going like we aren’t there. Then over the VHF: “Uh-Sequel you are in the wrong fairway. Go to E48.” Like I know intuitively where E48 is because all of the dock signage is covered by boats. Some kind soul on the end of a dock sees us shunting back and forth and responds in sign language to indicate where E Dock is in the maze. We put it in slip 48 but to this moment I am not certain that we are on E dock. Oh! And forget dockhands. They’re too busy to come out of the air-conditioned office to help us in. If you find a better Chicago Harbors marina, go for it.

Instead of polluting our website, I thought we would leave you with the last few sights of the Michigan shoreline.

Sails in the sunset.


Tiara in the sunset.


On the jetties.


South Haven beach.


Fishing anyone?




South Haven harbor light.


Tiara in the sunset-2.