Day 118, August 23, 2012 (Holland, MI): On Monday, August 20, 2012, we traveled from Ludington to Whitehall, an easy 43 mile run in beautiful weather except for Lake Michigan. The forecast was one to two foot wave heights from the southwest. It was mostly three to four and, though it was a true forecast that the predominant swells were from the southwest, bad wave echoes that the locals call “shore effect” put us in cocktail shaker mode. The only way to do it is to push power to the point where we were planing with the bow shoved down far enough to cleave the crazy chop. Our teeth were rattling by the time we made the entrance to White Lake and we had done some redecorating  below decks. Once in White Lake calm reigned.

At Whitehall we got the call that Tiara was ready for us to work out a short warranty punch list. Coming out of White Lake the next day was a repeat of the day before. We welcomed passing through the Lake Macatawa-Holland Channel to the calm of the lake (right).


City of Holland is mostly on the inland end of Lake Macatawa and a great stop. We were comped space at Tiara’s Corporate Yacht Center (left) five miles out of the city in a residential area. Below Jimmy, the Tiara field tech, is observing a blocked drain caused by spiders having set up home in pipe.

There is one disadvantage of coming into Holland; the nearest marina is a longish walk from downtown center. We rented a car but do reserve one in advance; we had to go to three agencies before we found one to rent.

Holland, a city of about 35,000, boasts a beautiful, clean shopping area. There are many good restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and other services. I was able to replace a pair of trousers at the local outfitter and have my reading glasses straightened and repaired at the optical shop next door. We lunched at Alpen Rose and dined at Butch’s Drydock.

Last night from 18:30 to 20:30, the main shopping street, 8th, was closed to traffic for street performers. At the left, kids play in a fountain in the park on 8th Street. Thursday evenings on 8th Street is a regular weekly event during the summer from May to September. Although the Thursday evenings on 8th Street are coming to an end next week the city stages other  street events during spring and fall and there is the farmer’s market on Saturdays. Despite the inconvenience of distance from marinas Holland is a worthwhile stop.

Sleight of hand.






Juggling five bowling pins


Stilt man