Day 87, July 23, 2012 (Between Parry Sound and Killarney, ON): Our plans to overnight on the hook in Hopewell Bay were dashed when our generator sucked in a bunch of weeds and burnt up its raw water impeller. That took us into Pointe au Baril and Desmasdons boatyard for the night. This is a nice little place literally “up the creek.” They cater mostly to small boats with outboards that whiz in and out of the creek at high wake regardless of the docks, and close by, too. “An impeller for an 11.5 kw genset! We don’t hardly see those.” Captain Andy gets honorable mention for scrounging. He found a look-alike part while I kicked back waiting to install the thing.

Pointe au Baril (Point-a-barrel) gets its  name from this uncommon channel marker. Before the modern spar buoys that are hard to pick out mariners used anything that could be seen from a distance. This barrel atop a prominence marks the channel up the creek. It is kept as a reminder but has been replaced by a modern lighthouse.

On to Byng Inlet where there isn’t much except cottages and cottagers. Oh but getting here is not for sissies with the southwest wind howling off of Georgian Bay.