Day 110, August 15, 2012 (Leland, MI): This is a collection of images from our last two stops: Petoskey for two days and Charlevoix for 3 days. Petoskey is a buzzing little town of under 10,000 inhabitants, a must stop for loopers. Charlevoix is much smaller but also bustling and the best waterfront we have seen so far on the western shore of Michigan. Unique (I think) are the mushroom houses of Charlevoix.

A street in Petoskey with a coffeeshop facade in the foreground.


Petoskey harbor entrance from the street.


Sun setting in Petoskey harbor.


Storm lighting of Petoskey.


Pot of gold.


Charlevoix waterfront.


Edie hobnobs with the Marc and Michelle of Marc’s Ark.


Charlevoix mushroom houses.