Day 31, May 25, 2012: We schedule our departure from Cape May at 07:00. The fog is back heavier than two days ago. We wait until 08:30 before departing Canyon Club Marina (left). By then the sun is poking through the gloom. We make the decision to leave before the sea breeze kicks in threatening to make our short passage rough. We pokd out into the Cape May channel and the  fog’s dissipation looks promising as we pass the Coast Guard station  (left). Not to be! Out in the open the ceiling dropped to near zero and we were totally dependent on instruments again.

Why do the fisherfolk insist on anchoring in the channel? I guess that the best fishing can be found there. The problem is avoiding them and not cutting their lines. We got stares and a few shaking fists very likely with invective but the sound of the fog drowns out everything.

We get a brief glimpse of the Atlantic City skyline on arrival—probably the best view of the city—before the fog closed in  again. Here we are for a weekend of high stakes! On to Manasquan on Sunday then Liberty Landing on Monday.