Day 93, July 29, 2012 (Baie Fine, ON): Baie Fine, only four miles as the crow flies, from Killarney but 20 miles by water is a jewel of the North Channel. This is a fjord hemmed in by quartz and limestone walls that ends in a pool about a quarter mile in diameter. The water is as clear as a pane of glass. We anchored in an unnamed cove on the south side at N 46o 01’, W 81o, 34’, and went into The Pool by dinghy. We climbed the mountain on the northern end to the high lakes: Artists Lake, Three Narrows Lake, and Topaz Lake. We tarried at Topaz Lake. The images speak for themselves.

 The narrow neck entering Baie Fine.


Sequel at anchor behind us as we go into The Pool by dinghy.


We meet Looper friends in The Pool aboard Passport.


Climbing to the high lakes.


Topaz Lake.


Dinghy is where we left it.


Quickening dawn over Baie Fine.


 The sun rises over Baie Fine.