Day 278, January 24, 2013 (Miami, FL):

The trip up to Miami is not without its surprise views. Above is a look at the Cape Florida light against the skyline of Key Biscayne. Then there is Stiltsville, the decaying playpens of Miami’s rich  and shameless going back to the 1920s. The houses and clubs on stilts in the middle of Biscayne Bay are now part of a national park and being victimized by the elements.

We docked in  Sea Isle Marina behind the Marriott Hotel on North Bayshore in Miami. The facility is adequate but there is no sea wall. Lots of rock and roll in the high winds during the past two days. At the left is the hotel, an avant garde design that forms part of Miami’s skyline.

Our travels around the town took us into the Design District and art galleries. The De La Cruz Family Collection houses a humerous and innovative collection of contemporary art. Over in Miami Beach the Bass Museum of contemporary Art houses an eclectic collection of interpretive contemporary art but with a smattering of grand works by the masters.  I don’t know how  they fit but they were there. We finished up with a visit to the small but well done Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and the Holocaust Memorial.


At the De La Cruz an egg isn’t an ordinary egg.
This is an infinity mobile. See it … the infinity part?


A piece in the park in front of the Bass.


Bigfoot dominates the Botanical Garden


The centerpiece of the Holocaust Memorial